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In 2015 a group of businessmen, well-known in the sector, united to found Polynext. They were primarily motivated by the idea of offering solutions through end-use and value-added applications in the sector of Recycling for the plastic processing industry, with the goal of becoming a key player in the field of recycled and reformulated plastic materials (compounds) in the medium term.

Polymer Recycling Labs, alias Polynext, is a newly created company that arose in response to the market’s growing demand for new, high-quality plastic materials, with a high level of environmental preservation and based on recycling as the main supply source.

After years of exhaustive research, collaborating with pioneering technological centres specialized in polymers, we developed the first formulations of material that make up the standard solutions catalogue. This was used to lay the foundations for the Polynext project, as well as to develop the methodology and processes that will allow similar developments for different applications and/or products.



The company’s main goal is the development and manufacturing of a new generation of customized reformulated plastics, with a high added value, using recycled materials from urban and industrial waste for different sectors and specific uses.



Our main mission is to become a key player in the production of polymers, or any other raw plastic materials, through the comprehensive recycling of all kinds of plastic waste of post-consumer and post-industrial origin, developing specific high value-added solutions that respond to the needs of plastic processors while improving efficiency, competitivity, environmental impact, and sustainability throughout the value chain of plastic products, according to the principles of the circular economy.

We also have a complementary mission to improve the ecological quality of the chain of waste management, always prioritizing recycling and thus the reincorporation of plastic material into the value chain, of plastic waste that is currently being buried, as well as the generation of alternative, high calorific value fuels for recovery in cases where recycling is not possible or convenient.



Polynext’s vision is to be the key strategic partner in Europe for all plastic processers (injection-moulding, extrusion, and blow-moulding) that commit to sustainability as a source of competitive advantage both now and in the future.

Sustainability that is based a combination of three factors:

  • Recycling all kinds of end-of-life plastic waste, adapting the characteristics and properties of the resulting material for a specific kind of application or product.
  • The reduction of the raw material’s economic and environmental impact on the final product and/or application through the utilization of recycled materials, without this implying a loss of quality or lack of control over the transformation process.
  • The achievement of economies of scale through the integration of all processes in the recycling chain to produce all kinds of polymers and raw plastic materials.




We are a young company, with a dynamic and multidisciplinary team and a clear environmental vocation, united by the idea of revolutionizing the plastic industry by helping improve the environmental impact, quality, and productivity of the products and/or applications that use our materials as a competitive advantage.

We have high R&D capacity for the development, analysis, and formulation of recycled materials customized for application, meeting the strictest quality controls and standards.

We are fully committed to client satisfaction. Our outstanding service—based on integrity, proximity, flexibility, and efficiency—sets us apart and makes all the difference.

We cover the entire recycling process with our ample know-how when it comes to material analysis, our own laboratory for the development of customized solutions, efficient production processes, and specific quality controls.

Our processing capacity reaches 9,500 tonnes of recycled material annually. This is equivalent to recovering 118,750 barrels of oil* and introducing it to new products and/or applications, estimating an avoided CO2 atmospheric emission of more than 33,250 tonnes* and contributing to greenhouse gas reduction.

*Source: Consultic, 2014.

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