We are a company that’s highly specialized in R&D, as we are at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to the characterization and specification of materials, the development of technical compounds, and the processing of plastic waste. We try to stay one step ahead of the sector’s advances, offering competitive, high quality solutions for different products, sectors, and applications, according to the demand of the processors that decide to rely on us.

We develop tailored compounds and productions for those transformers who need specific material requirements, changing the paradigm of recycled plastics from those available to those needed.

The goal of material formulation is to modify the base characteristics of the recycled polymer, stimulating one or more of those characteristics through additives or charges until achieving the end specifications desired.


Our customized materials are developed for specific consumption quantities, based on specifications provided by the processor (fluidity, rigidity, impact resistance, colour, etc.) and keeping in mind both the design of the end product and its lifespan as well as the production process used.

There are sometimes applications that require a series of characteristics that cannot be achieved using recycled materials, and in those cases, our materials supplement the use of high-quality virgin materials, optimizing processing costs without losing quality or productivity and providing a more sustainable solution.

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