The new economy of plastic

The circular economy is a philosophy about the organization of systems inspired by living beings, which seeks to change from an obsolete linear economy (produce, use, and dump) to a circular model, just as it occurs in nature. At Polynext, we are actively participating in the reinvention of the plastic industry, working towards a completely circular model.

We are very aware of the “cradle to cradle” philosophy, where beginning with the formulation and conception of any of our materials, strategies, and policies, we keep in mind all phases of the processes involved (extraction, processing, utilization, reutilization, recycling…) in such a way that we can collaborate to improve environmental impact throughout the whole value chain (processors, users, society…).

All our pursuits rely on recycled plastic materials, so the main supply sources are the different kinds of plastic waste available in the sector. We are seeking to prioritize the use of waste that currently has outlets that do not guarantee the reuse of its materials, without forgetting conventional means of recycling waste. In this way, we can provide solutions that maximize ecological efficiency.

With our transformation of materials, our clients’ products can be produced with less environmental impact, reducing the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrating that sustainability does not undercut productivity, but rather that both concepts are complementary and necessary.

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